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    The role of purifying air conditioning
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    Purification air conditioning refers to the central air conditioning with cleaning function, which is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry, organic chemical plant, hospital outpatient clinic, negative pressure ward, small animal room, medical machinery, food industry, sterility testing laboratory, P-Level test, negative pressure ward, laminar flow ward, GMP clean workshop, electronic device purification workshop, beverage canning production workshop, QS food clean workshop , mineral water canning workshop, constant temperature and humidity equipment laboratory, ash removal workshop, aseptic testing canning workshop.
    The key role of cleaning the refrigeration unit is to ensure the cleanliness level of the room, avoid environmental pollution cyclones into the room, and maintain a good natural environment for indoor air quality.
    Three levels of filtration are required for clean air conditioning, i.e. three levels of filtration for coarse, medium and high efficiency, or three levels of filtration for coarse, medium and sub high efficiency. In addition to the three-level filter in the exhaust system software, the two-level high-efficiency filter or toxic filter is set in the ventilation system according to different conditions in the microbial purification room, so as to remove the unique odor of small animals and prevent environmental pollution to the natural environment.
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