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    How to ensure the safety of water resources
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    Water source is the source and existing form of water. Water source is the source of life, an important medium of material, information and energy transmission, and an irreplaceable resource for living organisms on the surface of the earth. So how to protect water source in daily life? The following safety net will give you the answer.
    1. Do not swim, fish or row in drinking water sources.
    2. Don't throw things into the river or lake, and don't dump rubbish and waste by the river or lake.
    3. When washing, do not use long running water, try to use less detergent. When washing clothes, use proper amount of soap instead of synthetic detergent.
    4. Choose phosphate free washing powder and detergent.
    5. Water saving faucets should be replaced for water pipes in toilets and kitchens
    6. Don't dump food residue and waste cooking oil into the sewer.
    7. Store the used bath water for cleaning the floor, flushing the toilet and other useful places
    8. The rainwater and the drainage of the air conditioner are collected and stored as water for fire prevention.
    9. In case of water source pollution, it is necessary to dissuade or report to relevant departments in time.
    Some people ask: what are the ways to protect water resources?
    It includes comprehensively promoting water conservation, adjusting and optimizing the industrial structure according to the conditions of water resources, vigorously promoting water-saving irrigation and dry farming technology, forcing the use of water-saving equipment and appliances, and expanding the use of reclaimed water.
    To solve the problem of drinking water safety for urban and rural residents, we should further implement the rural drinking water safety project, focus on solving the problems of drinking water with high fluoride, high arsenic, bitterness and salinity, pollution and other water quality not reaching the standard, scientifically delimit the drinking water source protection area, strengthen the monitoring and management of urban water supply quality, and establish and improve the emergency guarantee system of drinking water safety.
    We should conscientiously strengthen the prevention and control of water pollution, strictly control the total amount of pollutant discharge, and strive to reduce the total amount of COD discharge by 10% or more within five years; continue to promote water pollution control projects in key river basins and regions, and comprehensively levy sewage treatment fees; actively prevent and control rural water source pollution, especially strengthen the investigation and rectification of environmental hazards existing in key enterprises, and prevent water environmental safety accidents.
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